Wednesday, July 13

Swagbucks: One Account Per Member Now

Swagbucks just released some fantastic news, they now allow one account per member. The old policy was that there could only be one account per household, meaning your spouse or roommates could not have an account or they would be subject to deactivation. But now you can refer others in your household, however, multiple accounts per person are prohibited.

Here are some ways you can earn Swagbucks:
-Searching the web (this is the easiest way to earn, just set swag buck up as your internet search engine)
-Watching videos
-Taking Surveys
-Voting in daily polls
-Completing special offers
-Finding swag codes
-Playing games
-You will also get 50 Swag Bucks on your birthday
You can earn all kinds of things with your Swagbucks - my favorite is the $5 Amazon e-Card for 450 Swag bucks. I normally earn around 500 Swagbucks a month just from internet searches.

If you haven't started yet, apply and start earning - then get your spouse to earn as well to get double the points!

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