Saturday, August 27

Blockbuster Express: 6 Free DVD Rentals

Blockbuster Express has 1 Free rental with the following codes:
These Expire 9/2. 

38JEAH9 - 43PBCG5 - 36TTDR9 - 

62PGAR5 - 24KRVF9 - 9HLG4X (this one expires 9/3)

These are also still available and expire 8/29:

29JEAH5 - 39PBCG4 - 26TTDR3

                                                     27PGAR6 - 48KRVF2 

GORACETRAC (this one expires 8/31)


I have not had a chance to test each of these codes yet, but you can try them online before your go to the kiosk to rent them and see which ones work.

You can look for your closest Blockbuster Express location HERE. You can also reserve your movie on-line and use the FREE code for your reservation. 

Note: You will notice some of the hot releases (shows a flame on the DVD) on Blockbuster Express for $2.99, this promo code will only work on the $1 rentals.

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