Thursday, September 29

Amazon: New Kindles Pre-order Now

Amazon has released a new set of kindles and the prices are great. Here's the new Kindle's available to pre-order (these are released on 11/21/2011):

-Kindle $79 shipped
-Kindle touch $99
-Kindle touch 3G $149
-Kindle fire $199

The Kindle and Kindle Touch have the most advanced E Ink display - which means the screen is not hard on your eyes to read. Plus, Amazon offers hundreds of Free eBooks that download easily to the Kindle with the built-in wi-fi.

Another great thing about these new Kindles is that the Kindle touch 3G comes with FREE 3G wireless. Most 3G plans require you to sign up for a monthly contract to access the 3G. This is Free - so you can access the wi-fi globally without any fee.

The Kindle fire is a great price if you are looking for a more functional tablet and not just a reader. We love our iPad, but for $300 less - the Kindle fire is a fantastic buy. The Kindle fire offers web browsing; 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines and books; thousands of apps and games; free cloud storage. You also get a Free month of Amazon Prime which allows you instant streaming of movies and TV shows Free and 2-day shipping for Free at

Take a look at these new Kindles which could be perfect for Christmas.

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