Wednesday, September 7

City Deals Happenings

I thought I would do a post on the recent City Deals happenings for those of you that may not be familiar with the latest happenings. 

City Deals is a company that offers discounted voucher tickets in Utah and a few other states. I have not posted very many City Deals on King Dealio, but if you have purchased a City Deals voucher, here's the latest. City Deals had apparently gone out of business when an acquiring party (Deals That Matters) rescinded it's agreement to buy out City Deals. Many merchants were not receiving payment from City Deals and some merchants had and continue to still refuse City Deals vouchers. 

The entire story can be viewed here on KUTV who broke this story. The founder has the following to say: "Again, we have not closed our doors.
"We are happy to renew our efforts with our re-hired employees and our reinvigorated company to ensure the principles of quality our company was founded on in 2006 will be upheld from here on. We thank everyone in the community for their thoughts and support and who havereiterated their desire to work with us in moving forward through the challenges we've been addressing this week." 

The City Deals website is still not functioning for those who may have deals that they need to print. It was suppose to be running after Labor Day. However, the website does list some FAQ

If you have a City Deals voucher here's what you can do:

-Contact the merchant to see if they are accepting the vouchers. Some are and some are not. I know that Cold Stone and Iceberg are currently not accepting the vouchers.
-KSL Deals is offering a 20% discount for a limited time on one of their Deals with a City Deals voucher.
-Contact your bank or credit card. I only had one City Deals with a merchant who was not accepting the voucher and I had used my AMEX card. AMEX refunded me the total amount without any hassle at all.
-You can continue to wait and see if things are worked out at City Deals.

There is a great article from the Salt Lake Tribune that gives some great advice in general when you make purchases with deal sites. Go here for the article.

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