Friday, September 16

My Mailbox This Week

This is what came in my mail this week:

-Free Train with The Grain Gift Package (included hat & 4 different 1lb Red Mill grains-this was more than I was expecting) - no longer available
-Free Suave sample kit (included lotion, dry shampoo and shower gel, along with coupons)- no longer available
-Free Taylor Made Penta TP Golf Balls 6 pack - no longer available
-Free subscription to Parents Magazine and Bloomberg Business Magazine - there are constantly free magazine subscription offers.
-Coupon for a FREE Outback Steak Dinner (not pictured because it came in the mail after I took the picture) - no longer available

Some days it's just like Christmas when going to my mailbox. There are always great freebies that companies are willing to let you sample and they usually come with great high value coupons. Just remember these tips when signing up for freebies:
-Set up an e-mail account used for sample offers only to avoid spam mail in your normal e-mail account
-Don't use your real birthday
- I only give my real birthday when signing up for a birthday offer with the actual company.
-Never sign up for a freebie that requires a credit card.
-Sign up fast, most freebies have a limited number available.
-Only sign up for freebies that are from a legitimate source such as the company's own website or Facebook.
-Create a Facebook account that you use only for promotional items. You could use a nickname and you could also use the spam e-mail account that you created to go along with this Facebook account.

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