Thursday, September 22

Synovate: Accepting Survey Applicants

Synovate - DOI
Synovate is currently accepting applicants to take surveys and share your opinions. I have tried multiple survey companies and this one is by far my favorite. I have been sent crackers, nuts, makeup, rice dinners, oatmeal and more to try out (and these are full size) and then give my opinion to get paid on. Some of the surveys are also pretty interesting and will ask your opinion on a possible new product or the layout of a store or even a theme park ride.

You typically earn about $1-2 per survey that you qualify for and you can opt to get cash or rewards. You won't earn a ton of money, but some nice cash on the side. I go through my surveys at night in front of the TV. Sometimes you will even be invited to participate in surveys for up to $50 or more. I received a survey to earn $50 to go on location and listen to music.

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